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Screening to Supports (S2S)

What is Screening-to-Supports (S2S)?

MHA launched our Online Screening Program in 2014 and has collected over 4 million screens to date. This translates to up to 3,000 screenings per day. The vast majorities of these screeners are under the age of twenty-five, screen positive for the condition for which they screen, yet have not ever been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Most people upon receiving results ask for general help—additional information about mental health; and online program or app; worksheets or coping skills to use at home; referrals to local providers; or a phone number for immediate support or guidance.

We knew we could do more. And we have.

MHA is creating an innovative, first-of-its-kind online environment to help those seeking mental health supports and services. Screening to Supports (S2S) – coming soon — is a brand-new interactive online space for individuals to find tools they can use after screening. S2S will use technology to customize each person’s results, drawing from resources in each of four domains: 

  1. Mental health information - up to date evidenced-based information tailored to specific concerns of our users;
  2. Referrals to care – linkage to online support, telehealth, and face to face supports; 
  3. Do it yourself supports – tools individuals can use independently to develop skills and track concerns. 
  4. Peer to peer community engagement – a process by which people can connect to others like themselves;


S2S Quadrants

The platform will be interactive; the content dynamic. S2S will go beyond typical “search” engines, and differs from other resources in that it offers customized results to help-seeking individuals, not a list of general resources. 

Want more information or to get involved? Send us an email at

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