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Back to School

MHA’s Back to School Toolkit - developed each year and released in mid-August in anticipation of the start of the new school year - provides free resources, tools, tips, and information on early identification themes and Before Stage 4 messaging.


MHA's 2018 Back to School Toolkit will provide young people with information to help them understand the effects trauma can have on the mind and how traumatic events may trigger the onset of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and psychosis. By increasing understanding of trauma and recognition of early warning signs of mental health conditions, we hope to encourage young people to seek help and support as soon as possible so that they can address issues Before Stage 4. 


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Materials from previous Back To School Toolkits can still be accessed through our website.

2017 Back To School Materials 

Download the full Toolkit here

For Parents and Other Adults

**Download the Toolkit to access lesson activities, worksheets, and a poster**

For Students

Additional Resources

2016 Back To School Materials 

Download the full Toolkit here

For Adults

For Youth

2015 Back To School Materials

For Adults

For Youth

2014 Back To School Materials


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