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Screening to Supports

Over 1.5 million individuals have explored their mental health concerns using our eight screens for mental health conditions including: depression, bipolar, anxiety, substance and alcohol use, psychosis, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Of the 3,000 screens that are completed daily, 74 percent score moderate to severe but, of those, 68 percent have never been diagnosed. We see that many individuals are struggling but are not yet connected to resources. As we continue to build our screening program, MHA is in the process of developing an online platform to move beyond screening to connect people with the supports and services they want and need.

What People Want After Screening

When asked “How can Mental Health America help you?” screeners stated they wanted:

  • Additional information about mental health (49%),
  • Online or mobile program or app that can help track or manage symptoms (47%),
  • Worksheets or coping skills to use at home (46%). 
  • Referrals to a local MHA affiliates or other organizations that can help (20%)
  • A phone number for immediate support or guidance (14%)

Respondents had the opportunity to provide open-ended comments. The word cloud below represents the frequency of each word used among those between 11-17 years old, who make up 32 percent of our screens.

Screening to Supports

MHA has reached a young, engaged audience who recognize that “something is not quite right.” They are taking proactive steps to learn more about what they are feeling and they are seeking information and resources about how to improve their mental wellbeing. While we currently provide visitors with additional information about mental health and ways to access treatment, we believe a new post screening platform will provide the specific additional supports screeners are asking for.

MHA’s new Screening to Supports platform will provide at minimum four consumer-driven supports:

  1. mental health information - up to date evidenced-based information tailored to specific concerns of our users;
  2. referrals to care – linkage to online support, telehealth, and face to face supports; 
  3. do it yourself supports – tools individuals can use independently to develop skills and track concerns. 
  4. peer to peer community engagement – a process by which people can connect to others like themselves;

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