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Meet the 15 Students Changing Mental Health on Campus

How do we move beyond awareness to fill gaps in services on campus to support students looking for help? These students might know the answer.

3 Things I Wish I Knew About Mental Health in High School (And 1 Thing I Wish Adults Knew)

“I wish that I had known that fighting depression would be the hardest battle I’d have to fight."

For Better Mental Health, Experience the Pet Effect

Living in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world can be tough on our mental health. But there’s a way to fight against these daily stressors that has nothing to do with technology, social media or world events. You may be able to find help right at home in the form of a wet nose or a wagging tail.

How a Video Game Could Change the Way We Think About Mental Health

Video games are a powerful instrument for influencing the way we perceive mental health. But with that power comes questions about the roles and responsibilities of video game developers as they craft their narratives.

The Greatest Gift My Parents Gave Me

Over the years, my parents had thought of me as a weak, hypersensitive woman, ungrateful to God’s many gifts.

What You Can Do Today to Help Children in Your Community

MHA appreciates your tremendous federal advocacy to stop the House and Senate health care bills. Thanks to you, we’ve been successful so far and people still have coverage – hopefully we can keep it up.

Minority Mental Health is #NotACharacterFlaw

In minority and marginalized communities, mental health is often considered a taboo or weakness--something I’ve heard should be “taken to God.” Treatment for mental illness is spoken about in even more hushed tones.

The Power of Spoken Word

How can we fight the larger issues if we aren’t taking care of our strongest weapons - our minds.

Road to Wellness: An African American Female’s Journey

I remember precisely the day that I first heard the word “depression” float into the air and for some reason the word landed heavily on me in a foreshadowing manner.

9 Things You Should Know (and Share) About the Senate Health Care Bill

Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called for a delay in the vote for the Senate Health Care Bill. However, a delay doesn't mean that we stop advocating.


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