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May is Mental Health Month

For 65 years, Mental Health America and our affiliates across the country have led the observance of May is Mental Health Month by reaching millions of people through the media, local events and screenings. The 2014 May is Mental Health Month theme is “Mind Your Health.” Our goals are to build public recognition about the importance of mental health to overall health and wellness; inform people of the ways that the mind and body interact with each other; and provide tips and tools for taking positive actions to protect mental health and promote whole health.

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By visiting this site, you've taken the first step to improving your health--mental and physical.  

To download the 2014 May is Mental Health Month toolkit materials, please fill out this brief form.  Upon completion, you will be directed to the page with the materials available for download.  

Get started by assessing your mental health with a quick screening.

The toolkit includes:

Learn about ways to improve your health:

Media Materials

·         Overview with Key Messages and Statistics
·         Swiss Cheese Press Release
·         Drop-in Article
·         Sample Mayoral Proclamation
·         Sample Twitter and Facebook posts 

Marketing Materials

·         Logo
·         Facebook cover photos
·         Banner Ads/Buttons

Pub Ed Materials

·         Fact Sheets 

  • Alcohol Use and Abuse: What You Should Know
  • Social Support: Getting Connected, Staying Connected
  • Supplements: Weighing Benefits and Risks
  • Healthy Diet: Eating with Mental Health in Mind
  • Finding Help: When to Get it and Where to Go
  • Stress: Coping with Everyday Problems
  • Rest, Relaxation and Exercise

·         Calendar Poster 



2013 Toolkit

Download the Media Materials, including:

  • Sample Press Release
  • Drop-In Article
  • Sample Mayoral Proclamation

Download the Fact Sheets, including:

  • What is Wellness?
  • Four Simple Steps
  • Understanding the Social Determinants of Health
  • Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Please use all materials as you see fit to supplement your May is Mental Health Month activities or other programs.

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