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June 2017

Harm Reduction 101 with Jessica Nagel

A lot of people connect harm reduction with syringe exchanges, places that legally provide clean needles to IV drug users. Many ask, “Aren't you condoning IV drug use? You're contributing to the problem.” In fact, providing clean needles is positive; it reduces a user’s chance of contracting or transmitting serious diseases. Many people are judgmental. It’s important to take away judgment and start having new conversations, to ask people what's going on with them, and to build relationships instead of pointing at them as society tends to do.

9 Things You Should Know (and Share) About the Senate Health Care Bill

Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called for a delay in the vote for the Senate Health Care Bill. However, a delay doesn't mean that we stop advocating.

Road to Wellness: An African American Female’s Journey

I remember precisely the day that I first heard the word “depression” float into the air and for some reason the word landed heavily on me in a foreshadowing manner.

The Power of Spoken Word

How can we fight the larger issues if we aren’t taking care of our strongest weapons - our minds.

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